See this bug warning for a description of the problem. Before it can be used with gpsd, the mouse functionality has to be switched on. SirfDemo can be used to configure the product. Additionally, integration improves reliability by minimizing the potential number of faulty solder points. If the receiver locks up due to a mode switch, remove the battery for 5 to 10 minutes.

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R4 Series GPS Receiver Module – Linx Technologies

It was cool in its day, now a dinosaur mainly good for regression testing. Reported by Chris S.

See this bug warning for a description of the problem. There is no known PPS signal associated with this device. I first tried gpsd package from Ubuntu 9. Before it can be used with gpsd, the mouse functionality has to be switched on. Actually sends receivre in the GGA rating record for dead-reckoning fixes.

The site won the prestigious European “Online Star” Internet user award for the third time in in the “Computers and Technology” category and the readers of the computer magazine “PC Praxis” awarded the web site for the best online-shop in Reported by Reported by Eric S.


Magnetic variation information is not available. The German Business catalogue contains 75, articles, covering just about everything that involves electronics. Depth finder received water-temperature sensor. Manual states incorrectly that VTG is off by default. Ships bad packet checksums when it does not have a fix.

This is only implemented in the timing versions of Antaris4. Some other sentences can be enabled. Haicom provided a test unit. Here are some notes on hardware we have tested.

Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

Moreover, its small size makes LEA-4A modules perfectly suited for compact, battery-operated, mass market consumer products such as PDAs, smart phones, GPS mice and other portable devices where size, power consumption levels and cost are of critical importance. Page that comes with it states: Reported by Gary E.

It is strongly recommended that this device not be flashed with a different firmware as all reflashed receivers tested thus far fail to work afterward. The pin, ball grid array single chip has an excellent cost-performance ratio. OEM module only, not a retail product. Some Web sources incorrectly describe it as SiRFbased.

It is running with an external gyro on a our self-developed board. Serial parameters default to ; 8, N, 1. Settings are saved in flash powered by a backup battery and persistent over connections and when you turn it off.


Receiver comes up in silent mode, you may need to use ashctl to turn on a default set of messages. These bugs may send affected GPSes catatonic. NMEA time is accurate to about mS.

Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

This was the replacement for the old Zodiac version that spoke Rockwell binary protocol; it in turn has been discontinued. As this is a Bluetooth device, gpsd must either be run with “-b” or must be compiled with — port speed, as the Bluetooth interface does not tolerate port speed changes at all. The receiver seems to lock up if too much data is thrown at it ie.

It is likely that later releases will support the receiver, especially if there is a in this column; this means we have a regression test load for the device that is checked before each release.

May ship with broken firmware that incorrectly reports the current year as