Attached is a copy of the Xorg. Your welcome, though really you figured it out in the end yourself. When I say “work with this tutorial”, I mean MergedFB and Xinerama both provide you with two screens. It turns out you do not need to install anything at all on Edgy, but merely configure your xorg.

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You won’t get any farther.

It could be you both are missing something or something isn’t tweaked just right. This mmobility probably won’t solve ALL freezing issues. I am running ubuntu dapper just updated all packages yesterday, I havent been able to get hardware acceleration at no point with ubuntu. I modified the xorg.

Do you mean you want to use your RAM as shared memory? This file controls how the graphical display acts. BTW, it won’t matter how much RAM you have on your laptop, since all graphical stuff I believe will be sent to the card’s memory. I will try this myself, but could someone who’s agi glxinfo freezing issues try this out as well? Find any “subsections” that tells Xorg that you can use Depth 24 or higher, like this: This means you should uninstall fglrx, and then reinstall the radeon drivers.


But now I can with 3D rafeon.

ATI Mobility Radeon M6 graphics card Driver pack | Community

All hope is not lost: There is rqdeon of information on the proprietary fglrx driver, however I wasn’t able to determine or got impatient with the ambiguity of the documentation whether or not this driver would work with my particular card. How do I activate transparent backrounds in example aterm, xterm.

D BTW, lucky you. About your not being able to accomplish build-dependencies, I was able to on a system with just the included sources.

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Does anybody have any ideas how I can get 3d accereration going here? ATI client glx version string: Why is this so difficult in Ubuntu? Other than that, it’s been fine.

I’d leave the Raeon out for your card. Please tell me if there is any problem in this file. This post just to confirm that I understand the current status correctly: This part is tricky – you either get no errors, and have a great time, or you get a lot of errors, and end up Googling a lot.


Thank you for your reply. Thanks for your help. If you really really need help, and just can’t get this to work, contact one of my IM accounts listed in my profile. I’ve been absolutely fine in Edgy. Don’t know what else to check.

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Mobility Radeon HD X2. However, in my syslog I have Dec 15 Hi, i have tried to follow that tutorial, but no success. Alrighty, m6-c//p can build our drivers now.

I uninstalled all the fglrx gadeon from spynaptic and followed the HOwto and lo and behold direct rendering glxinfo name of display: Oddly enough I got direct rendering working a few days ago on mine, but after yesterday’s Edgy update everything seems to be broken.

Thanks in advance for your assistance, and great work on the documentation so far.