Consult this troubleshooting guide whenever you star t to have problems with the printer or application. To Configure Layout Settings This displays a dialog box for selecting the drive where the CD that contains the text is located. Select a print pattern that shows this: Doing so creates the risk of electric shock.

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Note See page 50 for details about font settings. Doing so c r e a t e s malfunction. Gently pull out the disc tray as far as it will go.

Casio LPCW-50 Printer User Manual

See page 76 for information about registering preset phrases. If you press the Eject button while the disc tray is open, the printer will perform an internal process and emit a noise.

In fact, the board connector inside the printer was not really fixed. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: All rights reserved Be sure to read this manual lpce before attempting to use the product for the casil time. To Print A Label The shape of the mouse pointer changes when it is located near a field boundary.

I What is alignment? Never use phonograph record cleaner or any other cleaning agent.

Casio LPCW-50 Application User Manual

Examples of graphic markings indicates something you should not do. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. Make sure there is nothing in front of the printer to interfere with movement of the disc tray.


Place the positioning guide here.

Note that the result obtained when you resize a field depends on whether it is a text field or an image field. Note Screen contents and operational procedures may be slightly different for other supported Windows versions. Caution This symbol indicates information that, if ignored or applied incorrectly, creates the possibility of personal injur y or material damage. CD-Text is text data on a CD that provides the disc title, artist names, track names, and other information.

Label Making With Preset Templates Label Making with Preset Templates Automated Label Layout A selection of content-specific preset label formats makes label creation as easy as selecting the right format and filling in the blanks. Note that you cannot load or remove a disc unless both the AC adaptor and USB cable are connected to the printer.

Casio LPCW User`s guide |

Load an ink ribbon cassette and then try printing again. To reposition and resize a field Doing so can damage the tray.

Never use benzene, alcohol, thinner, or other volatile agents to clean the printer exterior. Specify the folder in Save in, and type a file name into File name. This displays a dialog box for saving label data.


Digital Stationeries – Download – Support – CASIO

Dir t or dust can scratch the recording surface of the disc and make it impossible to record data onto the disc. Note You can open a data index file using standar d word processor or spreadsheet software, and then print from there. Gently pull out the disc tray the rest of the way.

A label can contain up to 40 fields total. Approximately 16mm Print Length: Note The unit of measurement millimeters, pixels, inches used on the Field Properties dialog box is the same as that selected with the ruler unit of measurement button Page Install another ink ribbon cassette.

Check the file casko and then click Save. Carriage Print head Disc tray 16 Disc positioning guides These guides help to position the disc correctly when you place it onto the tray.