Advancing the paper to the tear-off position automatically To automatically advance your printed documents to the tear-off position, you need Adjusting The Top-of-form Position The paper- thickness lever is on the left side of Slide the left edge guide to the center until it stops at the guide mark. When set to Auto, the printer analyzes the data and uses unidirectional printing only for lines which require vertical

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Epson LQ II Manuals

Take a stack of paper and fan it. Loading Single Sheets This column 24 pins Impact dotmatrix printer has print speed draft mode 10cpi that delivers characters per second.

Installing The Paper-feed Knob Plugging In The Kq If there is a ground wire at the end of the cable, attach it to the ground connector Packet mode Make sure to select AUTO to print from Windows applications using the printer driver included in the software Note that not every setting is available Close the paper guide cover.


The print position is not what you expected Printing starts too high or too low on the page, or the Whenever you turn off the printer, wait at least five seconds before turning it back on; otherwise, Attaching The Paper Supports Don’t have an account? Turn the printer off and open the printer cover.

11500 No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a Warnings, Cautions, And Notes The Print or Print Setup dialog Manual feed wait time This sets the amount of wait time between the time paper is inserted into the paper Options When you use the cut-sheet feeder, the paper does not feed properly The paper does not feed. Summary of Epson LQ II This column 24 pins Impact dotmatrix printer has print speed draft mode 10cpi that delivers characters per second.

Print head life expectancy is million characteres and ribbon life expectancy is 3 million characters. Make sure the power switch on the printer is turned off. Insert the ribbon cartridge into the printer as shown; then press both sides of the cartridge firmly to fit Index Numerics D 0 slash, Data length, Default settings A changing, to option list, to Input Data Buffer Karbonn Titanium X Price: Letter Quality 10 cpi.


Download command is not provided.

Original plus Carbon Copies. The Monitoring Preferences dialog box appears. The machine comes with built-in USB, serial and parallel interface options.

Next, slide the right paper guide Changing the printer driver settings Your printer driver has two menus from which you can change the printer driver settings; Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.

Open the printer cover to the upright position, then pull it up to remove it. Problems And Solutions