More and more came up, and then some of them drove away again. I only read the first half of this book as I felt the second half which holds the appendixes rambled on a bit and didn’t hold the first part very well. The witness can retire. He died on 24 January , aged sixty-four, in Freiberg am Neckar. During this time he was responsible for a transport fleet of cars, and often drove the likes of Speer or Kesselring on inspection tours to the hot spots on the front; and in March , he accompanied the Fuhrer to his final front-inspection tour.

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I did not ask you if you got an order from him. He was the first witness the Americans captured who could confirm the death of Hitler. My name is Erich Kempka. Kempka resided in the bunker during the last hifler of Nazi Germany. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then, a few tanks and SPW cars came along, and small groups began to cling to them.

After all, a criminal can always find a ready sympathizer in another criminal. The appendices were muddled and added very little to the memoir. Christian died age 77, on and she died of cancer, age 85 on Driving Hitler and his Limousines. I kepka no further questions either.


To ask other readers questions about I Was Hitler’s Chauffeurplease sign up. Why should that matter?

OnKempka joined the Lebensborn society. How long before kempk explosion were you looking at Bormann? I have no questions, Mr. I saw him for the last time about 9 o’clock in the evening. Kempka then recounts Hitler’s final days as he saw them and his role in the cremation of Hitler and Eva Braun after uitler suicide – Kempka’s motor pool provided the two-hundred gallons of petrol with which to burn the bodies. Kempka is buried on the local cemetery of Freiberg am Neckar.

Have you ever told this story to anyone else? And how near was Bormann to the tank when it exploded?

I Was Hitler’s Chauffeur : The Memoir of Erich Kempka by Erich Kempka

I only read hirler first half of this book as I felt the second half which holds the appendixes rambled on a bit and didn’t hold the first part very well. Where did you go to that night? Well, what I want to find out is whether or not you and Bormann and whoever was left in that bunker talked about leaving Berlin that night before you left the bunker?

Yes, I assume for certain that the strength of the explosion was such that it killed him.

I Was Hitler’s Chauffeur : The Memoir of Erich Kempka

My 5 rating is for the section of the book written by Kempka. But it was not what I was originally looking for. Well put together kemmpka my eyes though. Then the armoured vehicles pushed their way through the anti-tank trap and afterwards the leading tank, beside which Martin Bormann was walking along about at the middle of the tank on the left-hand side, suddenly received a direct hit, I imagine from a bazooka fired from a window, and was blown up.


Kempka, Erich – WW2 Gravestone

By then, Kempka oversaw a fleet of 40 vehicles, 60 drivers and mechanics. Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu Later the Soviet troops left the area. They came up there during the night. He begins by describing his duties as a member of Hitler’s personal staff in the years preceding the war, driving the Fuhrer throughout Germany and abroad, and kkempka him to rallies.

I myself was flung to one side by the explosion and by having a person thrown against me who had been walking ahead – I think it was Standartenfuehrer Dr.