Azuzentech cards are among the best and theyre PCIe. Good luck, and I hope it works for you. Shouldn’t be an issue. Devices share IRQs all the time. Under System Devices, does it show any HD audio controllers? The software interface for the onboard sound is terrible!

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Have you tried a different set of speakers? If he doesn’t have those options, then he may need siund download the Realtek driver directly from the Realtek website.

Looks like I will have to scrounge up an audio card as well. Egga really think the onboard audio is dead but beekermartin insists that it worked before he sent it out to me. It has four lines of Nvidia High Definition Audio. You could borrow that too, as there will be no need to activate it. Have you installed the Intel Chipset drivers yet?

Isn’t that a great design element Odd behvior with one Gpu fan. Odd behvior with one Gpu fan.

Evga x58 BL-E High Definition Audio not functioning? – EVGA Forums

In the moment you have a clean system install the sound driver which is recommended for your board. Okay so I build my rig a while back Check it out in the Mods Rigs and for a while everything was working then one day I come back and boot up my computer, go into windows and there was no sound what so ever. FTW3 Logo peel off. A good sound card is a must IMO. I think it is a problem with the physical motherboard.


I guess it could have failed but I consider that to be highly unlikely.

I should have replied differently. I was using a sound card when I removed the board so the on board was disabled in the bios.

I put it in and poof, perfect sound, not only better sound quality than onboard but the crackling, popping and hissing is completely gone. I do have windows but it is the Windows Bit no Bit.

Will my sound card fit in the new EVGA X58 SLI LE?

Egva software interface for the onboard sound is terrible! So it’s definitely not a speaker problem. I need all available slots for video cards. And actually I did think about what I did last time, I was using the coax out to my surround sound.

Odd behvior with one Gpu fan. User Control Panel Log out.

x58 SLi with HD4670 HDMI Sound

Randomly the sound soujd all the sudden turn into severe crackling, speakers cutting in and out, etc. Before I return the board and switch to another brand that will fit my requirements Likely the Asus WS RevolutionI would like to at least try and resolve the issue. I don’t know xli to do with software other than as stated above Ive tried leaving the front panel audio disconnected from the CFPA plug and it shows up on audio manager as being plugged in meaning I can click on the headphone and mic jack and set it as front speaker out or rear speaker out etc.


It was only a problem way back when Pistoj Doulos Unum Pluribus. I’ve been seeing that since Win Nothing worked In the Eevga Panel, using Device Manager, what does it show you under ‘Sound,video and game controllers’?

Did my default fan curve suddenly change?