I can’t edit some content as an admin! While mobile, the boss always targets one Siege Engine or Demolisher and tries to ram it which causes very high damage if successful. Once you have them onboard you should use First Aid Kit to heal them up and take them back to the demolishers. Grab the targeted crate to pick up Liquid Pyrite off the ground, which reloads the demolisher by 25 Pyrite. I’ll check it out this week and change it accordingly. Handguards of Potent Cures.

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Mimiron Freya Thorim Hodir. Iron Riveted War Helm. Boots of Fiery Resolution.

It has been reported that if somebody in the raid group pulls the Flame Leviathan while others are left behind the barrier, the boss may go through the barrier and be killed outside anywhere in the instance. Siege Engine drivers can get in close to Flame Demokisher and do a traditional melee style attack with Flame Leviathan.

Flame Leviathan – Wowpedia – Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

In hard mode, all other sources of damage can be ignored, as long demolksher the Demolishers keep the pyrite stacks rolling. It was also suggested on that site that they do more damage if they hit the top of the Flame Leviathan on it’s back so to speak.

Every 30 seconds he will target a random Demolisher or Siege Engine and chase them.

Upon changing seats via clicking the open space or change seat key bindingthe Demolisher sometimes despawns and the player then dies from Flame Leviathan’s AoE effects. You can leviathwn collecting data. For this fight you can have any raid setup that you like, it does not matter about the numbers of DPS, healers or tanks. This massive armored tank guards the courtyard entrance in Ulduar.


All vehicle drivers should be on the look out for green repair pads on the ground. Great job with that metal monstrosity. For the rest of the time you should demolishee using Fire Cannon to dps him down. It is your job to use Shield Generator when your vehicle is kiting him and he gets uncomfortably close.

If you are using Grail or earlier, it will mess up the quest levels for 7.

If the driver is conservative and shoots only once every 9 seconds just so the debuff stays up, the stock lasts a minute and more, which is in theory ample time for the gunner to destroy the turrets and resume collecting pyrite. Demolisher Drivers should not use these barrels attack 2. Destroying certain structures most notably the Hard-Mode towers sometimes spawns additional enemies which may attack from behind.

Back to top Drops The Hardmode loot is only dropped when there are 4 towers up. Instead players will take turn kiting Flame Leviathan. The normal kite path is a wide circle along the outer edges of the area.

I will exaplain more about them later on. With towers up, the encounter gets increasingly difficult. While mobile, the boss always targets one Siege Engine or Demolisher and tries to ram it which causes very high damage if successful.


Beyond demplisher is a roughly square room clear of all obstacles which contains a group of mobs guarding a gate.

Unable to solo Flame Leviathan as a with the Demolisher : wow

When you engage all move forward together or the barrier will prevent you from joining your comrades, and if he targets you and chases you through the barrier he will reset to full health. Demolisher gunners can load themselves into the Demolisher’s main catapult. Thanks for the feedback.

If two damage dealers are enough to bring all turrets down fast enough, two choppers can be abandoned and two demolishers get a second gunner. It is doable without the need to stun the boss which will be explained in the next section.

Ulduar Boss Guides – Flame Leviathan

The boss will come through the gate and wait just in front of it. User login Log in using OpenID: Ram 40 Steam Pressure – Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing to Damage and knocking them back. Constructor’s Handwraps Item Level Disenchants into: We also noticed an enormous, fire-breathing protodrake and a molten giant.