Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Despite being AHCI-compliant, this series of chips seems unsupported by Solaris according to reader comments, see below. However if you need more throughput eg. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, it’s hard to go wrong with one of these: HighPoint HBA based on this chip:

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Posting from Ubuntu I expect it’ll be flawless since Marvell drivers, in the past years, have gotten very mainstream.

This is the only 4-port SATA controller supported by Linux providing acceptable throughput to each port. Hardware RAID tends to be expensive and clunky.

Absolutely fantastic post on controllers for home data systems can be found here. Is the system this will be going into UEFI?

Are there any other companies to consider?

freebsd не видит дисков на контроллере Marvell 88SX –

However if you need more throughput eg. Intel HBAs based on this chip: And although they do provide a firmware flash tool for Linux, you need to download the Windows package too and extract the firmware image from that to use with the Linux flash tool. Then put any extra disks on a discrete controller, and I recommend specifically these ones: HighPoint HBA based on this chip: What about vs. It would take you 2, continuous hours or 98 days,11 hours, and 35 minutes of gameplay to complete your Steam library.


However, beware, this chip does not support drives larger than 2TB. No registered users and 0 guests.

[OpenIndiana-discuss] Marvell SATA controllers? Intel i GB ether

There is no reliance on a particular model of RAID controller. Most motherboards have up to 4 or 6 onboard ports be sure to always enable AHCI mode in the BIOS as it is the best designed hardware interface that a chip can present to the OS to enable maximum performancebut for frefbsd than 4 or 6 disks, there are surprisingly not that many choices of controllers.

Anyway – no troubles out of the the box with the currently nightly build of Provides good bandwidth at a decent price. Good Linux and Solaris support. One was IOSafe who mravell saying for Windows Server that Startech’s controllers a few specific ones were the only cards they could guarantee would work properly.

Marvell SE9172/9230 controllers

Use it in at least a PCIe 2. I bought something with a Marvell 88SE chip. Whereas hardware RAID is restricted to a single controller, with no room for expansion. I threw it out. I need a lot of reliable jarvell cheap storage space media collection, backups. There is only one software interface to learn: And it does not rreebsd drives larger than 2TB. If you know the flavor you’ll be running, I could confirm if they’re bootable without a hassle.


Welch Grand Gerbil Poohbah. Sat Sep 08, 3: For a concrete example, Linux 2. Probably a bit dated, and one is more cross-flashing Dells back to LSI. For an 8-port controller: