Airports, Hospitals, and Oxygen or flammable gas laden atmospheres are limited examples where use of wireless devices may be restricted or eliminated. If an external monitor or projector is connected, your notebook turns off the LCD panel, but does not enter Standby mode, when the LCD panel is closed. Maintaining Your Gateway M www. Because most installation software is periodically updated, you should also check the manufacturer’s Web site for software updates. Spend sometimegoingth rough yourold computer’s Start and Programs menus, making noteof any programsyou wantto install on your new notebook. Click Support Home, then click General Tutorials to access an extensive library of how-to articles and videoson topics such asmakingaudio CDsand installing a hard drive. Turn off wireless RF devices such as your wireless Ethernet emitter while the aircraft is moving.

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For example, a document file might have a. Files are much like paper documents— letters, spreadsheets, and pictures— that you keep on your notebook. Cvcd 4 If you want to apply one of Windows’ color schemes, click the arrow button to open the Scheme list, click the scheme you want, then click OK.

January 2nd, 1. For more information, seetheonlinehelp in the programs and theonlineuser’s guides. Your e-mail messages arrive at most e-mail addresses in minutes. The eSupport page also has links to additional Gateway documentation gatwway detailed specifications.


For more information, see “Multi-function buttons” on page If it asks to set up a new account or an existing one, choose to set up an existing account. To reduce the risk of fire, use only No. The My Documents window opens and displays many of your saved personal data files.

Important Your notebook must be on during scheduled tasks. Many PC Cards and M icrodrive cards use a small amount of power while inserted, nrtwork if they are not being used. The next time you turn on your notebook, it reads the memory information from the hard drive and opens the programs and documents that were open when you activated Hibernate mode. A progress bar appears next to each track as it is recorded.

n675 IQ, then click the arrow. Once reconciled to the notebook’s size, we liked most other aspects of its stylish design. Some CDs have copy protection software.

Gateway M675 Series

This docking connection is certified to UL for use only with port replicators designed for your Gateway notebook. Make sure that the Pass Through check box is selected. The time now is The Shut Down W indows dialog box opens. The two most common types of wireless Ethernet networks are access point and peer-to-peer. Compare These Lenovo Yoga C Getting Help Support Home To get specific information about your notebook, type your serial number into the My Support box, then click Continue, or click Look up my serial number for me.


Sending a simple fax You can use the Send Fax Wizard to send a simple one-page fax to one or more recipients. After the disc tray opens slightly, pull the tray completely open. The power status box shows the current power source, the battery charge level, and the power management mode.

You must empty the Recycle Bin to permanently delete them from your notebook. Spend sometimegoingth rough yourold computer’s Start and Programs menus, making noteof any programsyou wantto install on your new notebook.

Because the notebook automatically lowers its processor’s speed to conserve battery life. The Scroll Lock status indicator appears when this function is turned on.

Gateway M Series

For more information on how each jack can be used, see “Left Side” on page 3 and “Back” on page Always turn off your notebook and other peripherals, then remove the battery before cleaning any components. The Print dialog box opens. If the color in your images seems “false” or “jumpy,” especially after you have played a game or run a video-intensive program, check the color depth setting and return it to bit True Color, if necessary.