Wintab now supports Transparent Contexts. System Information — Displays information about your operating system, COM port icons, and a TabletWorks icon, when and if they are detected. We have limited success with it working. Logic Trace Cnc Dxf Software. For example, we have been able to attach matrix menus, but not a command menu. If you are having troubles with one, try the other. The Found New Hardware wizard should pop up.

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Setting up GTCO CalComp DrawingBoard VI digitizer

The Logic Group has the expertise to wintaab with the Wintab driver for almost any digitizing software and situation. Posted on behalf of a Be Communities member. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

Click the Yes button to confirm that you want to remove the TabletWorks software. Many of the menu options described here are dynamic and, in some cases, tablet-specific, so they may not be applicable to your system. We no longer copy files. You must have admin rights on your local computer to install this software.

The line drawn should be smooth without breaks or stair steps. When a single device is set to be used with both Wintab and TabCon applications, and Wintab Citrix support is ttco, the TabCon-compliant application will not be able to open the device.


The vast majority of problems reported with this driver are actually machine specific configuration errors. Download and Install Tablet Configuration Utilities. The serial to usb adapter will have a driver that configures the usb port for a serial port.

Click Done, click Test XY, digitize a point, you should get an x and a y. Reduced the occurrence of a problem with Wintab reporting the incorrect “Active Cursor.

GTCO Corporation Drivers

We have limited success with it working. Fixed the problem where button assignments were being lost when a different tab was selected. The digitizer can be used connected to the computer with either the serial port or usb port using a serial to usb adapter from radio shack.

The results of the search are posted in the Device Information section on the Main Screen. Check that the Sermouse device status is Disabled, unless you gtck a serial mouse connected to any of the COM ports.

To test the Cursor Buttons: Up 0 Down Verify Answer Cancel. The test utilities identify the primary origins of system failure.

More information on pricing and licensing can be found at www. You may need to restart your computer.


GTCO CalComp Downloads

The Logic Group digitizing software can be used with or without the windows wintab driver, other vender software will generally require the windows driver. Place the Custom Configuration Menu on the tablet. Also see winttab you need to know about serial and usb cables and ports. Some software requires the Wintab 1.

Double-click on the filename to begin the TCU installation. The Found New Hardware wizard should pop up. Our current tabletworks driver provides most of the functionality of the original driver however any application which uses menu commands from the surface of the digitizer will not work with our driver. Logic Trace Digitizing System. The first section displays System Information and the bottom section displays Device Information.

If you are having troubles with one, try the other. A very few digitizing programs do not use the wintab driver and communicate directly with the digitizer.