Little minor details like that. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. This thread is days old. When the clubhead cools a bit, clean it out with the hosel wire brush. Make sure the tip goes all the way to the bottom of the bore depth in the hosel.

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A long ruler or measuring device to measure club length and trim lengths. Push the extra into the end of the shaft.

We’d love to have you! How soon after can I start using it? Ok, it is easy, ask your dad how to do it I’m getting a set of irons re-shafted tomorrow and want to play with them Saturday morning. It only takes a few hours. Other epoxies should sit for 24 hrs to assure a good bond. Some will take up to 2, but it is usually the technique.

You could probably get away with playing them sooner, but it’s not worth the risk of having the head fly off in the middle of the driving range, which I have seen happen before.


Green Side Up Handicap: Rockford35Apr 17, It also depends on how much epoxy you use per application.

How long should you really wait for epoxy to cure – Equipment Opinions –

Take your finger away. I know it can be safely hit before then, but I want to make sure. I went back to the retailer I bought it from and they had me hit my S flex vs an R flex. I’ve re-shafted and played drivers in 8 hours using 24 hour epoxy by having them cure at higher temps.

Mind where the NBP and S lines are if you spine-aligned. Search Advanced Search section: They don’t need to get super hot for the epoxy to cure faster. Posted 02 May – Brian Peck 27 years old.

How long do you need to let shafts sit after a reshaft?

I usually put mine on an index card and if the epoxy on the card doesn’t “SNAP” when I bend the card then it’s not ready for play. Golfsmith sells some wire brushes that do the trick fast and easy, but combinations of sand paper or other abrasive devices can do the trick with a little bit more effort.

Your best bet would be to call Ping and verify with them. Well I have serveral vices so no worries there! Once your clubheads are removed and prepped for reshafting, you will need a few more items to prep your new shafts.


Mar resuaft, Messages: Take the grip in your hand vertically, and put your index finger over the small hole at the bottom. Some tools to clean out the hosels and prep them for reshafting. Ualtim has helped you a load. A book or manual that describes the process would be most helpful especially as it is your first reshafting job.

How long should you really wait for epoxy to cure

Take the 48″ ruler and measure how long each of the clubs are, in the address position, before you do anything else. If you can’t get the grip on extremely easy, you need more solvent.

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