The TrackPoint navigation featuring a pointing stick, touchpad and multiple mouse buttons lets you choose your favorite way to navigate the cursor on the screen. IBM’s latest data security push comes barely a month after Microsoft released several keyboards and mice. UltraNav driver for Windows NT 4. Last month, the computer maker launched PCs fitted with a special chip designed to prevent hackers from stealing passwords and other sensitive identity information. ThinkPad T42 Above View view larger image The latest T42 refresh, and for the specific L1U model that I have, the tradition of building on security features comes in the form of adding a fingerprint reader that allows a user to swipe their finger to gain access to the T The pointing stick is great for two reasons. Windows 7 32bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 8.

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Just hold down the scroll button and push the pointing stick up or down to scroll to where you want on a page. However, the ThinkPad line was never designed to be a gamers delight. Audio driver for Windows NT 4.

I also have a Dell Inspiron m ibn my possession right now and on the left palm rest the heat build up is sometimes so great that you really notice it and this becomes an annoyance at best, uncomfortable at worst. Client Security Solution v7.

Usability is second-to-none with the ThinkPad line and consumer oriented bells and whistles such as multicard readers or widescreen LCDs are shunned in favor of things such as adding keyboard lights, biometric security readers, hard-drive shock protection or other things that generally add to the usability, durability and security of a notebook.


The ThinkPad 42 does not end the streak of disappointing laptop speakers. With the pointing stick the cursor goes exactly where I want it, and if it begins to act funny and not go where you want it to, simply let go and the machine recalibrates the pointing stick automatically.

Hard drive firmware update Bootable diskettes – ThinkPad General NET Framework Version 2. The first question to answer regarding this feature would be, why is IBM even introducing this? Pushing this key by default pops up the start menu in Windows.

First Fingerprint Reader – ThinkPad T42 | Lenovo UK

But no ThinkPad has this option. The heat in the T42 is dissipated via a fan and vents.

The fingerprint reader, placed on the wrist-rest, below the arrow keys, will verify the identity of a user when he or she swipes a finger across a tiny sensor. You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. The fingerprint reader works in tandem with an embedded security chip and software called Password Manager to protect vital security data, such as encryption keys, electronic credentials and passwords.

Fngerprint had no problems using wireless on the T Great wireless range and features, Bluetooth, JavaScript is required to properly view this page. Backside of T42 view larger image. Client Security Solution 8. Front fingerpriint of screen view larger image When compared to other notebook screens, the screen may or may not be in the same class as the best displays on Sony or Toshiba machines the VAIO XBrite screens and Toshiba TruBrite are both very nice, but have a glossy finish that causes reflection.

This summer IBM introduced the ThinkVantage Password Manager 4. The latest addition to the T42 is of course the built-in fingerprint reader to provide biometric security.


New IBM ThinkPad T42 notebooks feature new fingerprint and Intel PRO/Wireless technologies

The latest T42 refresh, and for the specific L1U model that I have, fingerprlnt tradition of building on security features comes in the form of adding a fingerprint reader that allows a user to swipe their finger to gain access to the T I easily get 4 hours of charge on my ThinkPad T40 that has a UltraBay provides option to easily put in an extra hard drive, different optical drive such as a DVD burner, or an extra battery.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Anytime Last week Last month Last 6 months Last year. You can beef up the T42 and get a 1.

IBM ThinkPad T42 with Biometric Security Review (pics, specs)

Is there any feedback you would like to provide? According to Big Blue, the fingerprint reader provides a convenient means for authenticating to a Windows system and eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords and thereby reduces the number of calls to support for forgotten passwords…Fingerprint technology provides the security of unique user identification, and the integrated design means no inconvenient external devices are needed.

The screen cover for the ThinkPad T42 is constructed of magnesium and prevents any screen flexing. ThinkVantage Client Security Solution 8. The fan is located on the left side.