The body and case of the is actually the same as the Inspiron XPS. Maybe that s just a personal peeve though, I ve not heard this complaint from any others. Prescott or Northwood debate aside, the performance of the will depend a lot on the processor speed, hard drive and video card that you choose. Dell Inspiron network card problem. However, the does not sport a 16 or larger screen as some desktop replacements do, so it s actually one of the smaller size desktop replacements on the block.

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Dell Inspiron Series Specs – CNET

If you want more volume, you ll need external speakers Keyboard and Input Usability The Inspiron comes with an key keyboard that is easy and fairly comfortable to use. All times are GMT The AC Adapter on the is huge, just too big.

As far as design from a usability perspective, things are pretty good. The Inspiron weighs in at 8. I m not defending Dell, and I know in some cases the support they provide is miserable, especially if you connect with a call center person in India where a lot of their Inspiron issues are knspiron that does not speak good English, then it s an absolute nightmare.

Just starting out and have a question? If static what is the ip address of the laptop? Find More Posts by Inwpiron.

Welcome to the most active Linux Forum on the web. The Inspiron has a The volume doesn t go quite as loud as I would like it to, I prefer that volume can go all the way up to a level that s too loud and then you can step in a turn it down from there.


There are a few gripes I have with the that should be aired out. The offers etherneh devices in the form of a touchpad and pointing stick, there s also dual mouse buttons that can be used that correspond with whichever input device you re using. Watching movies on the is enjoyable due to the Widescreen format of the screen.

If you want ispiron life you need to get a notebook with a Pentium M chip. On eternet positive side, if you whirl the adapter around on the end of its lead it serves as a great bludgeoning weapon for protecting against intruders into your house or other such occasions for defense.

A size comparison of notebooks, f rom left to right: The IR placement on the front of the notebook is good if you have a remote control you want to use in conjunction with the DVD player capabilities of thebut you don t get a remote control with the as some desktop replacements will give you. Remember though, people are always more vocal about problems they have with computers than when things go right. I like theit probably offers the best performance and most features at the most reasonable price point of any desktop replacement class notebook.

But don t let my few and relatively insignificant gripes turn you off from buying the Inspiron if you have your mind set inspirkn it and you feel it s the right desktop replacement notebook for you. Warranty Total Cost for Configuration: It s the size of a full size keyboard you d be used to on a common desktop keyboard.


Dell offers up to 4 years of service and care plan.

Unfortunately Dell also includes annoying software installs such as America Online 9. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.

Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop network card drivers

Here s a rundown of the ports and buttons you get and where they are: If you need to reset your password, click here. Following is a full review of my experience with the Inspiron So two thumbs way up for the good audio you ll get with the Think of the XPS as the evil twin brother to the the XPS offers only high-end options with an upgradeable video card and ability to snap on customized looks such as a skull design.

Overall Dell has given you most input and output ports you need, ethwrnet people that like to have a PS2 port or Serial port might be disappointed, but those ports are almost never included in notebooks today because they belong to the dinosaur age wthernet computers.

Just make install it and remove your b44 from your modules directory otherwise it etherbet still get loaded at boot. Find More Posts by jiaokun.