Eventually I said the hell with it and got a machine with Windows on it. To do this hit the Add You have complete control over your connections. An example of how to specify just a date follows: When querying multiple tables it may be necessary to use qualifiers to refer to field names.

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A typical connection and query The query below shows how to query and retrieve data from a database. All times are GMT Case sensitivity is important in string comparisons.

Download and install the ODBC driver

If I try to open an exixsting project, Citect goes through the same motions as creating a new project, and spits out the same error. Querying multiple tables – joining two tables With SQL it is possible to query across many tables. Or is he like most customers, too lousy to indtall the money. The above statement would then become: Obviously I can write Cicode but not install the blasted program!

A good proportion of this section is devoted to instructing-by-example.

Citect ODBC error – help? – – Interactive Q & A

Citect Explorer doesn’t start. This is necessary when both table have fields of the same name.


I installed Citect v5. How to connect to your database from Citect Citect provides two methods odb communicating with your database: A fairly common example would be: The vulnerability is related to a lack of a proper length-checking on data read from the network.

In most cases, however, any ODBC driver for your database will work. Devices are most useful when you wish to use the automatic reporting and logging features intall Citect.

CitectSCADA ODBC Server Remote Stack Buffer Overflow

Eventually I said the hell with it and got a machine with Windows on it. The file could be corrupt you could try extracting this file from the install cd.

You have complete control over your connections. This error would pop-up. Space, and the wish for brevity do not allow us to dwell overmuch on the full constructs and syntax of the language. There are a lot of improvements and additional functionality with the latrest versions. This is especially the case if you are going through a Client and the database Server resides on another machine in the network.

These conditions are separated by the AND and OR operators with respect to the condition logic that you wish. Have not used NT4 for ages.


Setting up ODBC

It was only a problem with one or two versions when Microsoft cahnged their Jet Pack. The first highlights insfall deviation from the SQL statement syntax described earlier. If you omit the column names then the values must be in the order of the columns that they are to enter. Drivers from this package will give full backward compatibly to the drivers used in Citect v2.

When querying multiple tables it may be necessary to use qualifiers to refer to odbbc names. The syntax of this statement is shown below: Find More Posts by Pierre.

I could open the Citect Explorer, and it gets as far as the “create New project” dialog, but when I tried to create a new project, an error message appeared: Citect will provide a patch upon request to mitigate this vulnerability. Please see the following press release for more information: