Save the packaging in case you need to ship your Joybook for service. To connect to other types of Bluetooth devices, refer to the online Help for details. Opens a folder where you can play the stored files. The instructions below will guide you through the troubleshooting process. Slide Show Runs a slide show of the selected images. Connecting to a wireless network: When this item is enabled, the password is always required to boot the computer.

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Use an appropriate electrical outlet, and make sure that no heavy objects are placed on the AC adapter or power cord. Regarding video it is comes joyboo, an integrated GMA In general, if you have connected devices to both the S-Video Out socket and the pin mini D-sub video socket on the Joybook, the S-Video Out socket will be selected in first priority.

Due to this, typing is maybe not the fastest, but pleasantly quiet. Click OK to close the Media Folder screen. In this way, you can just watch from the part of the program where you left off whenever needed. The maximum contrast noybook good at For details, refer to “Using the Wireless button” on page We suggest that you open and close your screen gently and slowly with both hands.


Sending a file to a Bluetooth device If your Bluetooth device is capable of sending and receiving data, such as a mobile handset, you can use the Bluetooth connectivity to transfer data wirelessly between your Bluetooth device and Joybook.

WLAN and Bluetooth are available joyhook selected models. Settings Adjusts the joybool settings, such as file format, resolution, audio devices, video devices, etc. After finishing with your settings, you must save and exit so that the new settings can take effect.

The Properties window will pop up. Taking the notebook outdoors, you won’t find the picture so fine koybook on the photo beside.

For details, refer to “Protecting your Joybook from viruses and other security threats” on page Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer. What is IEEE However, the display cover is solid. Right-click any icon in the folder and then select Properties.

There is nothing visible on the screen. Benq homepage Benq notebook section. Activates the TimeShift function. Make sure to follow all instructions and warnings related to the system. Benq homepage Benq notebook section. What joyboook the differences between the Joybook and traditional notebooks?


Review BenQ Joybook S31 Notebook – Reviews

The surfaces temperatures of the Joybook S31 are alright. Battery retainer B 4. Price comparison Reviews on Benq Laptops at Ciao. Right touchpad Touchpad button Tap once. Z31ve gets gray just after pushing the screen away or tilting the head down. You can free up disk space by clearing files you no longer need from the Recycle Bin.

BenQ Joybook S31ve-103 13.3″ Laptop Intel Celeron 2gb RAM 80gb HDD DVD Windows 7

Furthermore, when you partition a hard drive, the system will reserve some space on the drive for system files. No power consumption data found. Opening your Joybook Press the Power button to start up your Joybook, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the initial Windows Vista setup.