Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. The error I got is in my original post. You can read more about it here: Apple gave me my Powerbook with a laser printer set up in Classic. Apple’s LaserWriter version 8.

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Hi guys, I tried the laser writer 8. I was sure to download laserwriter 8. If you are using 7. WHen I double click on ‘desktop printer utility’ in the ‘apple laser writer folder’ in apple extras I get a blip about how it will not run without ‘desktop printer extension, you may need to reenable it from Extensions Manager contro panel or reinstall it.

This method requires that a user login to a file share before they laseewriter. Don Archibald Don Archibald. Infrared Laserwrtier on iMac’s If your iMac does not have infrared hardware, you will get an error when launching the infrared Control Panel. Please contact RCF for help.

It first reads from its configuration file, papd. Restart with the shift key held down and remove the file from the Extensions folder, then restart. Make sure that you close all other applications before installing the LaserWriter software. When the information appears, make a careful note of the Queue Name and Host Name values.


Apple LaserWriter 8.6.1 is out

User profile for user: Set the Appearance control panel to display a pattern, instead of a picture, to speed up the redrawing process. These files have “pdf” at the end of their names. Helpful Resources Helpful Resources. Description papd is the AppleTalk printer daemon. In the dialog that appears, you must now enter your printer location, and queue name that you had gotten from System Preferences back on your OS X machine. Do not fork or disassociate from the terminal.

If you are using Mac OS 8. You will need these in a moment. Unusual or inconsistent appearance Some 88.6 may exhibit unusual or inconsistent cosmetic anomalies when used with Mac OS 8. I named mine “Deskjet ” but you can name yours whatever you want. An important message from System 7 Today founder Dan Palka. Options -d Do not fork or disassociate from the terminal. In the Finder, use the Printing Menu’s Setup command to finalize the configuration of the new desktop printer.


CUPS options as supplied to the lp 1 command with “-o”. The list of UAMs to use for authentication specified with the ‘am’ option applies to all printers. All replies Drop Down menu.

System 7 Today – Connect to an OS X shared printer.

Develop applications and solutions: Corporate Information Corporate Information. Contact the manufacturer of the program to see if an updated version of the program is available.

Now, on your OS 7. Sun Mar 21, 7: Shop Xerox Shop Xerox. Consult configfile instead of papd.

The actual printing and spooling is handled entirely by lpd.